Eco Smart Lighting is an Australian owned company specialising in LED lighting for commercial, residential, warehouses, factories, street lighting and safe temporary construction lighting for the building industry.

Our goal is to offer products that save energy, last longer, reduce maintenance costs, and most importantly help reduce your carbon footprint.

With years of experience in lighting behind us we are able to tailor our products to suit your application, this is due to our wide product range and experienced sales professionals.

We have a wide range of products both imported and sourced locally of which we have extensive stock on hand that enables fast and efficient delivery. LED Lighting offers a unique, innovative and inspired lighting solution for a wide variety of applications.

What We Offer

  1. Lighting consultations at a fee
  2. The development of unique lighting briefs
  3. The preparation of lighting design concepts
  4. Professional advice on lighting control and integration

We can design for the following

  1. Retail lighting
  2. Commercial lighting
  3. Warehouse lighting
  4. Street lighting
  5. Residential lighting
  6. Landscape lighting
  7. Pool lighting
  8. Art lighting
  9. Mood Lighting
  10. Safe temporary  construction lighting