DALI-2 Gateway, SpaceLogic C-Bus, 2 DALI lines, dual independent advanced DALI bus power supplies

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The SpaceLogic C-Bus DALI-2 Gateway is an interface that allows controlling, managing and monitoring of DALI Lighting and Emergency Lighting devices. It allows to configure and commission DALI Lighting and Emergency Lighting devices in conjunction with C-Bus units It is a DALI-2 certified multi-master application controller. Has dual isolated DALI lines with independent “integrated advanced bus power supplies”, that allows full DALI line supply current for 64 x 2 = 128 ECGs. Supports full functionality of DALI device types DT0, DT1, DT6. Enables comprehensive reporting on DALI devices and lines status and failures over C-Bus reporting feature. Has compact size 6M width on DIN rail. Allows seamless push-button dimming of DALI lighting from C-Bus (single button dimmer). C-Bus and DALI line status and fault indications with the buttons and indicators positioned in front of the gateway. Remote maintenance of DALI anytime from anywhere via accessing C-Bus system remotely. Warn before off functionality indicates the lights are about to turn off by visual warning. Allows daylight harvesting. Allows switching, dimming for individual devices, groups, and broadcast addressing modes and flexible scene triggering via DALI group and broadcast addressing. 16 scenes by DALI broadcast and 16 scenes by 16 groups via C-Bus. 16 Virtual groups along with the 16 native DALI groups. The 2-way mapping between DALI and C-Bus. Has guaranteed supply current 230 mA per line and maximum supply current 250 mA per line, no other power supplies allowed. Allows emergency lighting testing, scheduling of testing, reporting and automated emailing of the reports. Configurable C-Bus Remote Override operation.

Datasheet here.

range SpaceLogic C-Bus
product brand Schneider Electric
product name DALI-2 gateway
product or component type Gateway
device application Light control
colour White
communication port protocol C-Bus
module configuration Programmed with C-Bus software
software name SpaceLogic C-Bus Commission
input voltage 110...240 V AC at 50/60 Hz
supply maximum power 13 W
Guaranteed current 0.23 A
Maximum current 0.25 A
communication network type C-Bus
connector type 2 RJ45
connections - terminals Screw terminals
total number of 18 mm modules 6
mounting support DIN rail
width 108 mm
height 93 mm
depth 63 mm
ambient air temperature for operation -5…45 °C
ambient air temperature for storage -20…80 °C
product certifications RCM
Packing Units
Unit Type of Package 1 PCE
Number of Units in Package 1 1
Package 1 Weight 0.359 kg
Package 1 Height 9.8 cm
Package 1 width 11.1 cm
Package 1 Length 15.6 cm
Unit Type of Package 2 CAR
Number of Units in Package 2 10
Package 2 Weight 4.15 kg
Package 2 Height 30 cm
Package 2 width 30 cm
Package 2 Length 40 cm

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