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SMART HOME - Pixie USB signal booster designed to extend the PIXIE control network.

Ideal for installations where the wireless signal strength is limited

The PIXIE Signal Booster is a USB powered device that can plug into standard USB port, working under DC 5V 1A.

The device is designed to expand the signal coverage of the PIXIE network, maintaining a consistent wireless signal within the PIXIE system.

Maximum distance between any PIXIE device is ideally 15 metres, with a maximum of 10 x SGBT/BT devices per PIXIE HOME.

Switch and dimming control is achieved only in conjunction with PIXIE devices or products

The SGB/BT LED indicator can be turned off if required. To turn off the LED indicator: Quickly click the button 7 times to totally turn
off LED indicator.

Quick installation Instructions: 1 - ESTABLISH A HOME FOR THE BOOSTER – Select a position within the installation, where the signal booster can be located centrally and no further than 15 metres from a PIXIE device. 2 - INSTALLATION – Insert the Signal Booster into standard USB port (DC 5V 1A), initially the LED indicator is in white colour. 3 - PAIR THE BOOSTER – Open the PIXIE app via your smart phone device, then select “Device“ then ”Add device”, which will then search for the signal booster. Once identified add it into the app and when the LED indicator on signal booster turns blue, it is paired.

Item Code Description Voltage Wattage Luminous Flux Temperature Beam Angle CRI Body Colour Diameter Dimensions Cut Out Base Type

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