The Smart Safety Lighting system is an innovative and patented extra low voltage LED solution, that has become the product of choice when it comes to ambient, and task lighting by builders, project managers, electricians, and all trades on site. 
Through the use of high powered LEDs, a custom designed control system and soft wiring, Eco Smart Lighting has manufactured a temporary lighting system that is safe, quick to install and easy to use.
The safety, environmental, productivity and financial benefits that are achieved through the use of the system are the reasons Eco Smart Lighting products are used on construction sites, tunnels, walkways, and fit-outs throughout Australia.
The Smart Safety Light has been a finalist in the Work Cover Safe Work Awards 2011, and 2012. In addition, the Smart Safety Light has won the highly commended award at the NSCA (National Safety Council of Australia) National Safety Awards of Excellence 2012.
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How the System Works 

The Smart Safety Lighting system operates from a centrally supplied control unit that reticulates 24v extra low voltage to our specially designed light fittings.

We use standard 5m or 10m soft wiring leads to connect each light fitting. This allows the installation of each light to be completed in as little as 10 minutes. Adds, moves and changes can be conducted while lighting is still being supplied to the rest of the site. This ensures that the site is always operational, therefore increasing productivity.

How Rental Works

Eco Smart Lighting offers a cost effective rental solution.

  1. No large capital outlay
  2. Staged delivery and collection on an ‘as needed’ basis
  3. No storage costs when they are not being used
  4. No maintenance costs, with all responsibility falling to Eco Smart Lighting
  5. All components required are supplied as part of our rental fee - no extra hidden costs!
  6. Tailored rental prices suited to the individual project
  7. Product stays up to date ensuring all changes to regulations & standards are met

The Product Range


Smart Safety Light & Emergency Smart Safety Light

  • Energy efficient LED light - 33w-
  • Extra low voltage – 24vDC
  • Emergency light with battery backup compliant to AS3012
  • No glass or mercury
  • Made from polycarbonate plastic, making the fitting light weight, durable and reusable
  • Single Chip LED emergency, average of 20 Lux at 5m spacing on emergency
  • Weatherproof

Smart Low Bay & Emergency Low Bay

  • Extra low voltage – 24vDC
  • 60 watts, 120-degree beam angle
  • Emergency option with battery backup compliant to AS3012
  • No glass or mercury
  • Single fixing support
  • Compact design
  • Ideal for high clearance areas, tunnels, walkways and construction sites
  • Average of 20 Lux at 7m spacing on emergency back up
  • Weatherproof

Smart High Bay 

  • Extra low voltage – 24vDC
  • 60 watts, 360 degree beam angle, IP65
  • No glass or mercury
  • Single fixing support
  • Ideal for high clearance areas, tunnels, walkways and construction sites
  • Weatherproof

Smart Flood Light

  • Extra low voltage – 24vDC
  • Available wattages: 20w / 30w / 50w / 140w / 200w
  • IP65 weatherproof
  • Ideal for task lighting
  • 1.5m stand available
  • No glass or mercury
  • Portable battery system available

Smart Control Unit

  • Centrally supplied system
  • Weatherproof
  • Emergency Push button test switch to comply to AS2293
  • Three types of control units available: 
  1. Battery Backup Control Unit
  2. Non-Battery Backup Control Unit
  3. High bay Control Unit

Lead and Connector

  • Plug & Play
  • Add, move or change lights live
  • Standard 5m & 10m lengths
  • Quick connect T connectors
  • Limits site down time
  • Supplied with construction wiring tape

Connection Enclosure

  • The Connection Enclosure has been designed to prevent the unauthorised disconnection of all Smart Safety Lighting Connections
  • The enclosure is secured closed using security screws, only providing entry to authorised personnel.
  • Will support both types of Connections
  • Made from impact resistant polycarbonate plastic
  • High visibility yellow

Notification Signage

  • Exit sign compliant to AS3012
  • Includes stand-alone emergency battery back up
  • Nurse call notification signage with battery back up
  • Fire extinguisher notification signage with battery back up
  • Customised signage available

Motion Detection

  • When motion is detected the sensor will activate the lights for 1 hour
  • Reduces energy by approximately 73% over a T8 fluorescent
  • Plugs into our system anywhere in the wiring loom
  • No limit to the number of sensors per system


Time Clock

  • 24 hour, 7 day a week time clock
  • Time Clock will turn off the non-emergency lighting
  • Emergency lights will dim to 30% maintaining safe pathway lighting (a requirement of Work Cover)
  • The Time Clock will not interrupt the charging of the emergency lights (as required by AS3012 and AS2293)
  • Padlock loop provided
  • Compact design
  • Durable
  • Compatible with the Smart Safety Lighting System

    Control Unit Stands

    • Durable
    • High visibility yellow
    • Smart Control Unit Stands
    • Suits 4 control boards per stand running up to 100 light fittings
    • Designed to accommodate temporary power boards

    Battery Backup Shutdown Boards

    • System run times are customised to suit each site shutdown, (for example, 12 lights for 6 hours)
    • System automatically switches from mains to battery power
    • Batteries stay at optimum level until shutdown
    • System is supplied with transportation trolley

    Precision 360 Rechargeable Work Light

    • Energy efficient LED light
    • 360 light distribution
    • 2 brightness settings, ideal for task lighting
    • No glass or mercury and glare free
    • Rechargeable battery with a long battery life of 8-16 hours working time
    • Made from polycarbonate plastic, making the fitting light weight, durable and reusable
    • Free carry bag included
    • Weatherproof