Fluorescent tube recycling Sydney, Recycle lamps Sydney, Tube recycling certificate Sydney

Eco Smart Lighting is able to offer a unique service to recycle fluorescent tubes, compact fluorescents, and any lamps that contain mercury. All fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps contain mercury. Mercury is dispensed from landfills to soil, causing water pollution posing threats to people, animals and the environment.

Through this new technology we are able to safely remove the dangerous mercury from your fluorescent tubes, and compact fluorescents lamps using the following steps:                                            

  1. Remove mercury from lamps.
  2. Crush the lamp separating the glass from aluminum/plastic.
  3. The mercury, aluminum and glass are sent to be recycled.
  4. We ensure that all parts of the lamp are sent to an end user ensuring that there is no contribution to landfill.
  5. A certificate is issued verifying that your tubes have been fully recycled and nothing has been sent to landfill


Why Recycle Fluorescent Tubes?

  • Responsible Corporate Citizen.
  • Comply with Environmental Management System / Policy
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Lamps are not sent to landfill

This is an essential process for Australian businesses to ensure a sustainable environment.

Fluorescent tube recycling Sydney, Recycle lamps Sydney, Tube recycling certificate Sydney

How does it work and what does it cost?

  1. Eco Smart Lighting P/L will supply  lamp disposal boxes fitting approximately 170 T8 Fluorescent lamps to your desired site.
  2. Once the boxes are full. Eco Smart will collect the boxes from your desired site and bring them back to our office for recycling. The lamps must be counted when the boxes are collected.
  3. After collection a invoice will be issued as well as a certificate in the name of the customer and the name of the job or site.

 The cost is as follows:

 Fluorescent lamps T8, T5, CFL, and PL lamps            ($7.95 per kilo)

$1.50 + GST each
Halogen lamps $1.50 + GST each
High bays 250W $5.00 + GST each
High bays 400W  $5.00 + GST each
Collection Sydney metro    $60.00 + GST

Should you need any further information please feel free to contact Sam on 0412 444 573 or email: s.kosmas@ecosmartlighting.com.au